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Stop wasting time on
YouTube sponsored content

Sponsor Skipper is an AI-powered Chrome extension
that lets you watch YouTube without in-video sponsored content interruptions
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Save Time, Skip the Unwanted

Maximize your viewing pleasure by bypassing sponsor chapters, giving you more time for the content you love.

Easy Setup, Seamless Experience

Install in moments, enjoy forever. Simplify your YouTube experience with just a few clicks.

Wanted to watch this one?

Tap enter and the skipping is undone. Or when needed, disable the auto skip feature all together.

Legal and Ethical Viewing

Enhance your YouTube experience responsibly. Our tool doesn't affect YouTuber compensation, ensuring each view still counts.

Hear it from our users

Jordan K.

Digital Marketing Manager

“As someone who constantly seeks to learn and grow professionally, I don't have time for interruptions. Sponsor Skipper has been a game-changer for my YouTube learning sessions. It's like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what I want to skip!”

Alex R.

Gaming Enthusiast and Streamer

"Watching gameplays and tutorials is a big part of my daily routine, and Sponsor Skipper just made it a whole lot better. No more annoying interruptions, just straight to the action. It's the perfect tool for any serious gamer!"

Taylor D.

Fitness Fanatic and Home Workout Enthusiast

"For my daily home workouts, I rely heavily on YouTube videos. Sponsor Skipper has transformed my exercise routine - no more pausing mid-workout to skip sponsrships! It's seamless, efficient, and keeps my momentum going. Essential for any fitness enthusiast!"

Start saving time today!

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7-Day Free Trial

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Full access - Auto skip sponsored content effortlessly.

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$2 / month

Full access - Auto skip sponsored content effortlessly.


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Full access - Auto skip sponsored content effortlessly.


Frequently asked questions

What is Sponsor Skipper and how does it work?
Sponsor Skipper is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to automatically detect and skip sponsored content in YouTube videos. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify parts of the video where sponsors are mentioned or promoted. Once detected, the extension seamlessly skips over these chapters, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience.
What is sponsored content in YouTube?
Sponsored content on YouTube refers to chapters within a video where the content creator promotes or mentions a product, service, or brand in exchange for compensation. These chapters are integrated into the video itself and can vary in length and format, ranging from brief mentions to longer product demonstrations or reviews.
Is Sponsor Skipper an ad blocker?
Sponsor Skipper is not a traditional ad blocker. It specifically targets and skips sponsored content chapters within YouTube videos. For a complete ad-free experience, we recommend using an ad blocker in conjunction with Sponsor Skipper. This combination ensures the best viewing experience by addressing both integrated sponsor messages in the video content and traditional ads like pre-roll and mid-roll.
How do I install and activate Sponsor Skipper on my browser?
After installing the Sponsor Skipper Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, you will be prompted to sign up or sign in. You can start with a free 7-day trial or opt for a paid subscription. Once you complete this one-time setup, the extension will automatically work on any YouTube video you watch, seamlessly skipping any in-video sponsored content.
Are there any costs associated with using Sponsor Skipper?
Sponsor Skipper offers a free 7-day trial without requiring a credit card. Following the trial, users can opt for a paid subscription. The costs to run the sophisticated AI technology are substantial, and we ask for a small price to offset these costs, ensuring continuous improvement and effectiveness of the service.
Is Sponsor Skipper legal to use on YouTube?
Yes, Sponsor Skipper is legal to use. It functions as a content filtering tool that enhances the user experience on YouTube, without modifying the actual video content or infringing on copyright laws.
What happens if Sponsor Skipper accidentally skips content that is not sponsored? Is there a way to undo the skip?
Sure! You can quickly undo any skip by pressing the 'Enter' key or clicking the on-screen popup. This ensures you won't miss any important content and maintains a seamless viewing experience.
Is Sponsor Skipper compatible with all YouTube videos?
Sponsor Skipper uses the transcripts (aka subtitles) of the video to find sponsorships, so it will work with any video that has subtitles, in any language. However, the effectiveness of the tool may vary depending on the video's content and how the sponsored parts are presented. We are constantly working to improve the accuracy and coverage of the tool, and we appreciate your feedback to help us make it better.
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